Personalized Apothecary Candy Jars Decorating Tips

Personalized apothecary candy jars are great way to decorate a home as well as enhance allure of an event or momentous occasion. From birthdays to weddings, kitchen shelves to bathroom sink, and just any part of a home’s interior or exterior, using these one-of-a-kind crystal containers make decorating fun and engaging. When thinking of having a way with one, these valuable ideas are truly noteworthy.

Create amazing wedding centerpieces with these artsy crystal containers. Generate a colorful ambiance by filling separate pieces with jellybeans and colored candies. Make use of fresh blooms to accentuate the design according to your theme. Alternatively, the glitter of semi-precious stones and beads will do its trick in illuminating reflection from candles lighting the dinner reception.

Design a lamp out of crystal-clear or carefully cutout apothecary jar. You can arrange a bespoke jar maker to do it for you or simply choose from wide-ranging catalog usually found in various online manufacturers. Not only will the crystal create a warm glow, it also provides an alluring appeal that is entirely your own.

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Create an enticing spice rack by arranging various shapes and sizes of apothecary containers filled with spices and herbs. It will create a functional and decorative appeal rolled into one. Ancient apothecaries are renowned for their herbal use for spices and such where they carefully stock on airtight ceramic or glass containers like this one.

Lining up bathroom sinks these artful containers. Recreate the ambiance of a luxuriant spa retreat. Fill them with bath salts, makeup applicators, loofah, seashells, cotton balls and other bathroom essentials. Make it in such a way that its content will enhance the theme.

Also, use these as candle-holders. You can avoid boring or Gothic candle plates and candelabras but settle instead with its vibrant glow as reflected on the clear glass. Make use of rechargeable magic candles to guarantee a cleaner vibe. Apart from using it indoors, special occasions in gardens or patios are more romantic with these.

These are also great all-season decorating elements; fill each with distinguishing stuffs of a certain holiday. It may be old coins on New Year, cutout hearts on every Valentine, Easter eggs, Halloween scary items, dashing Christmas items and even potpourri for everyday aromatic ambiance. Indeed, personalized apothecary candy jars are great ways to decorate with flair. Search for candy jars online and look for coupons, sales and discounts to save money.

Decorating Styles For A Nursery

Planning on a decorating scheme for your nursery. What kind of furniture and accents to get. How to get the best furniture.

Decorating a nursery is both fun and frustrating. You want the perfect room for your baby, but how much can you afford to spend? There are so many things for the young parents-to-be to buy, such as furniture, bedding, lamps, wall decorations and curtains. The most important item is the baby furniture, and the largest part of the budget should be devoted to those items. Even if you are buying most items at discount to save money, make sure the crib is good quality and safe.

Scour garage sales or ask relatives and friends for decorating items. You may find a crib at a second hand store, but make sure it is sturdy and safe. A new crib is a safer bet, and you can find bargains at stores such as Walmart, or on line at sites such as . You can usually find good bargains there. Graco, Century and Bassett baby furniture are usually higher priced, but if you shop their outlets, you can get good bargains. They often offer decorating ideas as well.

Baby Dream Furniture is an ideal choice for baby furniture on a budget. Their three hundred national stores offer a wide choice of good quality, reasonably priced furniture. If your budget is more liberal, you may want to consider Pali furniture. Classic and elegant baby furniture is available from this Italian manufacturer, but you may have to go on line to find a retailer near you. The Pali line specializes in classic designs such as Jenny Lind, which is very popular, but many other beautiful styles are available for a charming nursery.

Another popular brand for baby furniture is Delta. This line is known for combining good quality with practical form and function. Their products, which include bassinets, cribs, changing tables, toddler beds and carriages are meant to last years and years. Other good quality items that many parents like are the glider rockers, chairs and tables from the Jardine Baby Furniture company. They are value-priced, making them very popular.

After the important items such as furniture are chosen, you can start to pick the decorating items to coordinate with the furniture. Pick the basics such as crib, chest, changing table and a chair or rocker for mom and then you’ll know what kind of bedding and accent pieces will go with them.

Primitive Country Decorating 7 Must-have Tips For Decorating Your Kitchen!

If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen you’ll really enjoy being in that room once you’ve implemented the decorating ideas found within this article.

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens cooking for our family and friends. It’s important that we feel good about being in this room.

Fabrics play a huge role in a kitchen decorating plan. Once you have chosen a theme for your kitchen there are multiple fabric choices to be made to coordinate with that theme. Window treatments are a great place to begin.

A few other fabric choices to be made in a kitchen might be linens and towels, potholders, appliance covers, placemats and table cloths.

Canisters can be found in most kitchens and in just about any theme you might dream up. They come in all shapes and sizes and are easily added to the dcor.

Collections are a great way to decorate a kitchen. A collection of items can quickly and easily be acquired by going to garage sales and flea markets in your area.

Clocks and cookie jars are a few of the favorites for people who have collections for their kitchen.

For an interesting accent wall place a collection of clocks on a single wall.

A great place to display a collection of cookie jars is on top of cabinets. They’re not taking up any usable space and are easily seen by all who enter.

Colanders or strainers can make a beautiful display in a kitchen. They can be hung on an accent wall in a random pattern or from a pot rack over an island.

Bottles are another item that people enjoy collecting. Since most things are made from plastic in this day and age, bottles are definitely items that most people can’t just go out and purchase in their local discount store.

You may have inherited a collection of silver utensils from your great grandmother, but don’t want to use them. They can still be added to your decor by bending them and attaching them to a board. This can then be used to hang keys on.

Earthenware or stoneware crocks are a beautiful collection to have in a home. The crocks can be displayed around your home or turned into usable items. You might place one next to your door to put umbrellas in. You might use one to place kitchen utensils; spatulas and spoons in. You could even use them to place the mail in when you bring it in from the mailbox.

So, now that you’ve learned about several options for decorating your kitchen go ahead and use what you’ve learned in this article to begin the transformation of a warm and inviting primitive country kitchen in your home!

Decorating Your Wedding Reception With Silk Petals

Decoration of wedding reception is an integral part of any wedding preparation. Not only it sets your wedding theme, but adds beauty to the whole ceremony. Using silk petals for decorating your wedding reception will add great floral touch to your celebration.

Why Wedding Silk Petals?

Silk petals are the best solutions for decorating any wedding reception because:

They are cheaper than freeze dry petals.
They do not leave colour on wedding attire or fingers.
They do not wither or fade.
They are best for indoor wedding ceremonies.

Buying Silk Petals for your Wedding:

Silk petals are readily available in the market. You can also get them from online stores. You can acquire a handsome discount on purchasing wedding petals in large quantity.

Choosing Silk Rose Petals for your wedding:

Silk petals come in a variety of colours and shades.
Deep Red, Light Red, Cream, White, Blue, Purple and Lilac are the most popular colours of wedding rose petals.
Make sure that the colour of your wedding petals goes with your wedding theme.
They should complement your wedding dress.
Scented silk petals add a dramatic touch to your wedding. If your petals are not scented then you can add your own rose scent to them. Just put them in a plastic bag, add some rose essence, toss them and let them dry.
Speciality petals in the shape of heart or butterfly will add a fancy touch to your wedding reception.
Wedding petals that feels soft on one side and silky on the other side looks more like real petals.

Using the Silk Petals:

Wedding Rose Petals can add stunning look to wedding decorations. Throughout the wedding, they are used in a variety of ways. Some of its popular uses include:

Wedding Petals can be used by a flower girl who will toss it during the ceremony.
Guests can toss them over the couple as a symbol of their best wishes.
They can be sprinkled on the wedding table.
They can be used to encircle the reception centrepieces.
Placing wedding petals in crystal bowl containing water and rose-shaped floating candles will add more charm to your wedding.
They can be used to shower on the bride and groom when they enter the hall or while they leave the hall.
You can scatter them around the wedding cake.
You can place silk petals inside the invitations.
You can spread them on the ceremony aisle and bride and groom’s paths.
They can be used for confetti at the church.
They can be used to decorate wedding favour boxes.

Wedding rose petals are a great way to decorate your wedding reception beautifully. Being a relatively cheaper decorative item, they can be used in a number of ways throughout your wedding decoration. If used with little creativity and innovation, they can make your wedding decoration more conspicuous and enhance the charm of whole occasion.

Interior Design Today

Today, interior design has become a means of making a statement on the latest designs, thus creating an identity. A professional designer can identify, research and creatively resolve issues and lead to a healthy, safe, pleasing, user friendly and comfortable physical environment.

Interior design in India, is now well in sync with the global trends like simple straight line designs, Italian design concepts, green ecofriendly design, smart automated homes and offices that invite transparency in design.

The international style of interior design continues to be minimalist, clean, clear, sophisticated and soothing. Space and light continue to dominate the ambience. The trend that is emerging now is to camouflage an eclectic element with this clean, bold look. In terms of colour, the same trend of vivid colour thrown over a predominantly light background colour scheme continues, but in a sophisticated manner. Move over you now witness more awareness on CO2 monitoring by the use of eco friendly paints, CRI rated carpets, solar energy, use of leds and cfls, sensors in water sources, etc.

Individuals today believe in individualizing their space. They hate to be cloned. What is in, is the concept of designer spaces. It takes a broadminded approach to achieve an outstanding effect, and can extend from decor, lighting, colour and of course space planning. Office interiors are now being designed in such a way that an individual is not lost amongst the associates who work there.

The need for an ’emotional culture’ in our living environment is rising. The designer needs to reach a level where the user and him can connect as only when their wavelengths match is when the desired result is achieved. This is because interior designing is all about individualism. The best out of the designer will evolve only then as this is not a product to be sold, it’s a service which is unique for each individual. Work becomes relaxation, effort becomes challenge. People want to identify themselves with their environment .

Architects in Mumbai and interior designers all over the world are engaged every day in adding value to our homes, workplaces and living environment. Delivering a fresh and unique design with an informative approach is what a designer should look at. Getting your facility done up by a professional is preferred by a lot of people today as the end product is quite satisfying and well thought of. It doesn’t end to the furniture design and space planning, inputs are required even on the kind of art dcor, upholstery, lamps, etc. that will compliment the space. And that makes the outcome worthwhile and a treat. We at iDream, with our understanding of space, comfort, sustainability, functionality, efficiency, taste and above all beauty, shape places that identify individuals.